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Western Tack
Western Bits

Tom Thumb Colt Breaking Copper Mouth Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-101

Billy Allen Tom Thumb Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-102

Billy Allen Tom Thumb Bit Bent Cheeks Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-103

Colt Correction Bit with SS Mouth Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-104

Reining Bit Jointed Copper Mouth Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-105

Roller Mouth Colt Bit W Copper SS Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-106

Tom Thumb Double Jointed Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-107

Tom Thumb Double Jointed Bit Bent Cheeks Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-108

Tom Thumb Double Jointed Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-109

Tom Thumb Mulen Mouth, Bent Cheeks Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-110

Tom Thumb SS Mouth, W Bent Cheeks Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-111

Training Bit with Hinge Ported Mouth Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-112

Western Bit W Loose Fit Mullen Mouth Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-113

Western Bit in MS Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-114

Stock Horse Bit, Loose Cheeks Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-115

Western Congress Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-116

Western Grazing Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-117

Western Bit w Copper Inlays Bits

Art# WT-WBIT-118

D Ring Snaffle Copper Inlays Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-119

Western Sweat Iron D Ring Snaffle Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-120

D Ring Snaffle Twisted Mouth Bit

Art# WT-WBIT-121


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Euro Cavall
The pioneers of Western Stirrups, German Silver Horse Bits , and Equestrian Instruments manufacturing industry in Sialkot, Pakistan. We have launched our new website with a exclusive range of products.

Euro Cavall
Euro Cavall company that has been working in the field of Equestrian equipment , German Silver Horse Bits for all type in Sialkot, Pakistan for over 10 years. This gives us the experience and "know-how" that can be gained only through time out and we are still considered to be one of the leader in the field of Horse Riding equipment.